Earning Free Bitcoin, BNB and Matic through RollerCoin Season III: Part II: Store Update

Andrew Steenkamp
3 min readJan 4, 2022

Hello, Fellow Rollers! 💫

🤓 Meet the second post from Season III: Christmas Time blog post series!

In the previous blog post, we covered Drops and Parts, and how you can get them by just playing mini-games!

With the temporary addition of ⚙️ Parts in the Store, we will also cover newest additions to the Store, such as Weekly Offers and the new Limited Christmas Case 🎁

🐹 Let’s roll!

Weekly Offer

The new Season marks the return of the most requested and well-loved feature!

💝 Weekly Offers are finally back to provide you with more opportunities to purchase your favorite mining machines!

🔥 A lot of absolutely unique miners presented on the Weekly Offers only!

💰 Special sales for the old series miners!

💥 The return of old-legendary miners for the true collectors!

Weekly Offers reset every Wednesday on 12:00 AM UTC so prepare yourself to grab one of the desired miners before they sell out 😉

Limited Christmas Case

To celebrate the most festive Season of the year we have prepared a new Limited Christmas Case for you!

The new loot box is giving you high stakes of getting exclusive Christmas miners, which can’t be received elsewhere in the game 💥

Here is the list of reward’s probability for the Limited Christmas Case:

he amount of cases in the Store is limited to 100,000 pieces, so hurry up and try your luck to get one of the exclusive Christmas miners right now!

That’s all the new features for today, stay tuned not to miss the next post about the Merge System and other additions released with Season III: Christmas Time!

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