Here’s How I Am Currently Generating Up To $100 Daily For Free and Completely Passively

Andrew Steenkamp
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So you also want to reach that that goal then have I got something for you!

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Ever heard of


Maybe you should read about it now.

This is a friendly app that offers its crypto coins, each day, in order to onboard as many users as it can. It currently has more than 2 million users!

Reason Why?

There is a ton of crypto coins, tokens and other stuff and it became really tough for companies to prove themselves worthy — so they started offering something for free in order to become more popular, earn users trust and get some liquidity going.

So what is it all about?

For those of you who aren’t familiar with crypto and blockchain — don’t run!

This is a simple way to start doing something inside the crypto world, without investing a single cent. You just need 2 or 3 minutes to get going.

Some Technical Stuff is a not-for-profit organization that created a platform to try to improve the current state of the blockchain (if you are not into Ethereum, Bitcoin and such, then you don’t know that those networks are currently struggling with high transaction fees and slow transactions).

As of the moment, they are developing their own protocol, with low fees and superior speed, and great scalability.

They created the HI Token, and they want to revolutionise the global financial infrastructure and rethink how digital services can maximise stakeholder value.

So How Do They Make Money?

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1) As I said, they have a “token” called HI. One token currently is worth around $1.25. You can claim that token, once per day. You do that by entering their web or mobile app and click on ‘Claim Token’ : (Picture of clicking on icon to earn) or by enabling the ‘Auto-Earn’: (Picture of auto earn turned on)

2) You also get tokens by referrals — you will receive half of the daily reward of your friends…meaning 0.5 HI token for each of your friends and referrals.

3) You can also get annual percentage yield (APY) of around 20% on the tokens that you hold.

4) And my favourite _ You can also play games inside the app.

How To Start?

You go to and create an account. You’ll need to verify your phone number, so you cannot create an infinite amount of accounts :). Once done, you choose the password and log in to your app. If asked for a referral name enter MrMugiwara. (Helps this blog a lot! Thank You!)

You can choose between the web app or mobile app (iOS only for the moment, Android will come soon).

Now, imagine you invite 50 people — you would get 25 HI tokens on a daily basis from referrals + 1 originally by you.

26 tokens x $1.25 = $32.25

And the price might go up. You can see the current price of the HI token here:

(Link) HI Token / USD price

And the price of the token can increase — meaning you would earn even more!

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