Earning Free Bitcoin, BNB and Matic through RollerCoin (2022 Review) Part 2

Andrew Steenkamp
5 min readNov 24, 2021

This is a continuation from my previous post so if you want to start at the beginning go to the link at the end of the article.


So How does RollerCoin Work?

Once you sign up and create an account, you’re able to create and customise a little character. Don’t worry, if you don’t like how it looks now, you are able to change it later on. Your character will be put in a room with a small computer next to them. To start generating power, the user must play minigames that can be found under the “Games” tab. Each game will provide you with mining power (in Gh/s — GigaHash/second). Additionally, users can generate power by completing tasks or purchasing stationary miners with Satoshi (either mined through the game or purchased).

If you sign up using my link, you will receive 1000 Satoshi for free! This can help you purchase your first rack!

Free to Play (F2P) Games:

Rollercoin Games

Currently, there are 10 minigames (that generate power) to choose from, including:

  • Coinclick — A user must click on coins falling from the sky. Be careful not to click the bomb!
  • Token Blaster — A space invaders style game. The user must shoot little aliens without getting shot
  • Flappy Rocket — Similar to the flappy birds game. The user must guide a hamster through a maze only using mouse clicks.
  • Cryptonoid — The user must break the bricks or “hashes” to earn points.
  • Coin-match — Most similar to the classic Bejewelled. Match 3 or more coins in a row.
  • Crypto Hamster — The user must jump a hamster up a screen, landing on pads, and avoiding aliens.
  • 2048 Coins — Title the table each direction to match coins. One new coin is added for every slide.
  • Coin-Flip — Coin memory! The user must match pairs of coins to earn points.
  • Dr.Hamster — (not shown in the picture above) Tetris style.
  • Token Surfer — (not shown in the picture above) A game where you skateboard over a mario type landscape collecting tokens.
  • More that are coming soon!

Once a game has finished, the user can “Gain Power”, which will pass on the points as Gh/s to your total mining power.

Watch out for the Restart button after winning! If you click that you will lose all the well deserved winnings and will have to start over at the beginning of the stage.

Each game has 10 different difficulties, and 3 steps between each difficulty. This means that you need to pass the game 3 times to move up in difficulty. Rewards change depending on the difficulty. Each day the games will reset back to level 1.

Roller game power added to your total mining power.

Once you have hit level 10, you can keep playing to earn more Gh/s for your miners

Each 10 minute period, a new block will be released. That block will be shared amongst all of the players in the group. The players with the most miner power, will gain the most Satoshi.

Time will change (increase or decrease) depending on pool power, but will be reset back to 10mins regularly and rarely really changes.

Your individual power in relation to the cumulative power of all players will determine how much of a share of each block you will get.

If you choose not to play games, you also have an option of buying racks and miners. You must have a rack to be able to purchase a miner.

Miners are able to produce Gh/s for you automatically, and they don’t run out of time. However, miners cost satoshi (either the satoshi you mine, of if you choose to deposit satoshi / bitcoin).

The miners available also only provider a much smaller amount of power than what the games provide. BUT… the power that the miners produce does not expire!

Store where miners are available

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